Warehouse Management System



ActionTrak inventoryPro is a fresh solution for professional, low-cost supply and distribution chain management combined with easy, flexible and customizable inventory control.


A product that pays for itself almost immediately!

  • Have all the advantages of using barcoding, and do it for low cost
  • Print barcodes right from the software
  • Print barcodes on labels from your office supply store
  • Print labels on demand using an optional barcode printer
  • Apply barcodes to product and/or shelf
  • Use your existing UPC or SKU based barcodes, or create your own
  • Maintain list of Inventory Items

Powerful yet simple customization

  • Create custom templates & bins to manage complex SKU configurations
  • Quickly setup multiple inventory locations including in the same facility or off-site solutions including vehicles or retail locations.
  • Create and manage min/max settings to automatically trigger Purchase Orders or re-stock notifications by SKU and location.
  • Flexible solutions to match your technical needs including OnPremise, self-managed IT or Cloud-based SaaS solution for maintenance-free operation. 

Automation Connectivity

  • Integration with various accounting systems including Sage, QuickBooks and more.
  • Increased visibility and functionality of Link to better manage your Supply Chain and your Distribution Chain.
  • Dynamic toolset including PO, RMA, RTV, Invoicing, & Cycle Counting.

Business is complicated. "We keep it simple"...