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ActionTRAK Mobile

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ActionTRAK Mobile

ActionTrak orderMOBILE ordering solution is a simple, app or browser interface for creating and sending orders remotely to ActionTRAK for your internal use as a Purchase Order, as well as directly to your Vendor as a Sales Order.

Simple Access

  • Iphone, Android or any web browser access
  • Auto login
  • Verify, modify or send your order with simple gestures
  • Customize the Order name or Job field and submit

Simple Order Entry: Scan or Search

  • Scan: Use a Bluetooth barcode scanner to select products 
    or bundles and quantities
  • Search: Talk, type or tap a part number, name or description 
    of a product or bundle
    • Talk to your iOS or Android device to find the right product
    • Tap on the catalog photo of the product or tap and hold 
      for more options
    • Type a few numbers or letters to quickly find what you need simply

Simple Administration

  • Load catalog from ActionTRAK including creating bundles
  • Do Cycle Counting by location or vehicle
  • Track vehicles from within ActionTRAK
  • Import all orders to accounting applications
  • Allow suppliers or vendors access orders in real time

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